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About Vermin Busters

  • Bee or Wasp nest removal.
  • Contract work for homes or businesses.
  • Treatment of Cockroaches, Fleas or Bed Bugs.
  • Treatment of Mice, Rats or Squirrels.
  • Treatment of Flies, Ants, Moths and other insects.
  • Bird deterrence.
  • Mole treatment
  • Dead animal removal.
  • What we do.

    Here at vermin busters, we can assist in the removal of most common household pests. This includes bees, wasps, bed bugs, mice, cockroaches and other rodents.


    Mice can be removed using baits and traps. If you find mice within your kitchen or food area, remove all food from the area and take any rubbish bins away, as well as clearing the floor area. Mice have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the smell of rubbish bins, so these should be sealed or removed. The mice infestation will be treated using the most effective poisons recommended by HSE. These poisons are delivered in a wheat based cereal form.


    Pigeon Proofing

    Pigeons are a common pest in the UK. pigeons can breed at the age of six months. Pigeons usually lay two eggs in a flimsy nest constructed in a sheltered site, and incubate them for 16-18 days. Bird droppings are unsightly and their acid corrodes stonework and damages buildings. Droppings on the pvements can become slippery when wet and pose a hazard to passing pedestrians.

    Birds and their nests and eggs are protected by law. It is illegal to destroy or interfere with pigeon nests except under liocence. Even then, non-lethal methods must be considered first, and many killing methods are outlawed. Lethal methods should always be left to pest control professionals. Preventing pigeons from nesting on buildings and fouling is a specialist job and requires the services of a specialist pest controller who deals with Bird Proofing.‚Äč

    Wasp Removal

    Each wasp colony usually has three castes: the egg-laying queens, workers and drones. Wasps nests come in many shapes and sizes, from first to football size. Wasps seek our dark areas such as lofts, porches, trees, garden sheds and chimneys. In most cases, you can identify if your property has a wasps nest from witnessing wasps entering and exiting holes on the building exteriors. Such as through brickwork or under roof tiles for exsample.

    Removing a wasps nest is both tricky and dangerous, and is best left to a professional pest controller. Wasps will sting multiple times if threatened or disturbed. The effects of a wasp sting, whilst still unpleasant are less harmful than a bee sting.We can treat the wasps using a pesticide dust injected into the nests entrance holes. For the first 3 hours after treatment, the wasps will return to find out that the nest has been treated, they will become very active and the area should be avoided. Activity generally dies down after 24 hours.

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are insects that invade homes and feed off of human blood. Bed bugs arent only found within bedding or your mattresses but due to its size, it can fit into a location that is just wide enough for a credit card. Bed bugs are treated with an insectivide. Everything within the affected rooms requires removal. Mattresses and wardrobes are to stay in the room.


    Cockroaches are the most common pest in the UK. They are found in areas of high temperature such as kitchens, laundrys and hospitals. Cockroaches aren't easily detected with a casual inspection, therefore ap rofessional pest controller should deal with cockroaches. We treat cockroaches with the application of a residual insecticide.

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